Deciding Where to Live ​within Northern St. Johns

    210 Corridor Neighborhoods

    Hundreds of families have chosen to live along the western corridor of CR210 in St. Johns and it is easy to understand why. Whether you live in one of a dozen planned communities or in a home that has been here for decades this corner of St. Johns County has much to offer.  Within minutes of leaving home you can be on I-95 and on your way to Jacksonville to the north or Old St. Augustine to the south and both the beach and the St. Johns River are only a short drive away. Once you live here you may find that you don’t often leave. The area is served by St. Johns County’s A-Rated schools and along with the amenities that many communities offer their residents there are 3 golf courses, nearby ball fields, dance and martial arts studios, a gym, spa and preschool. Dining options include pizza, pubs and grills, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese restaurants and fast food. There are 2 grocers and 2 drug stores and health services include dentists, primary care physicians, optometrists, chiropractors, orthodontists and clinics. Also along this corridor you can get a haircut, consult with an attorney or insurance agent, do your banking, buy wine and spirits from a knowledgeable shopkeeper, ship packages, buy a bike or visit a garden center.  It’s no wonder so many people call this area home! By: St Johns Magazine

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