WHO can YOU bless today?

    BeTheBlessing-Thanksgiving-2014_960x3681Blessing people in the Lords name is such a beautiful feeling. Especially when no one is watching. I KNOW the LORD LOVES to bless me! He takes great Joy in it. I feel it more and more with every tiny to HUGE blessing he puts in my path by either blessing me directly, or allowing me to see him bless others (so so so rewarding to see! ). God loves when I give him the Glory because I KNOW for a FACT that I am NOTHING WITHOUT HIM! but not only does he take joy in blessing me for his Glory, but most importantly is because I am his Daughter. One of his perfect designs. Someone he loves UNCONDITIONALLY regardless of my mistakes. He turns my pain into growth, peace and understanding. I am THANKFUL for everything that comes against me because I will once again see Gods work in my life to get me through it WAYYYY better then before.

    GOD loves all of you too!

    The Enemy wants us to focus on our tiny tiny tiny problems because he magnifies it with fear, anger, confusion, bitterness, resentment, so your focus is on the problem. I say it’s a tiny problem because 1. If you looked around, you would be thankful for your problem because it’s WAYYYYY smaller then someone elses. 2. What thing, issue or concern is to big for our God?!?! So why worry? It’s pointless and will waste your time and energy and it will cause you to have failing or hurt relationships or kill yourself slowly. That is what The enemy wants. His mission is to Kill, steal and destroy. Isolation Is his best tools! I know I isolate myself when I feel attack because I am beat down emotionally and mentally by my WAY OF THINKING! Listening to the voice in my head, and not the spirit in my heart.

    BECAUSE of my RELATIONSHIP with the Lord, I know and recognize the attack sooner then I used to because I remember to focus on what God has already done and how I came out way better in so many ways, so I stop worrying! That is when I ask the Lord, What can I do for YOU today? Who can I Bless in your Name today Lord? Focusing on blessing others makes the Lords work in your life come quicker and more peaceful during the storm!

    I love you all. Stop worrying! Focus on blessing others in his name. Blessing others can be as simple as a compliment to make them smile, encouraging word, anything you feel in your spirit to do… Do it! We reap what we sow!

    Who can you bless today?


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