Fernandina Beach Real Estate A prime place for beachcombers to find shells, shark teeth and fossils washed up on the beach

    Fernandina knows how to be a beach town. It’s been doing so for almost 500 years, since its first French colonization. Today the historic downtown includes the Southern Touch gift shop, O’Kane’s Irish Pub and Eatery, Café Karibo, and Joe’s 2nd Street Bistro. The quaint downtown bustles with locals moving between the library, offices, and the growing foodie scene. Plus, river cruises leave from downtown for Cumberland Island. Fernandina Beach (population 11,610) takes up the north end of the 13-mile-long Amelia Island.

    Jan Smith oversees the Saturday farmers’ market and notes that people who live here want to be involved. “We’re a bunch of self-starters, and the size and interests of this community foster that energy,” she says.

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    Shark Teeth You probably know about the Civil War history of Fort Clinch (2601 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach), but you may not know that from now until the end of March, it is one of the prime places for beachcombers to find shells, shark teeth and fossils washed up on the beach. Every three to five years, the Cumberland Sound is dredged to keep the channel deep enough for the U. S. Navy’s Trident submarines that pass through. The channel needs to be kept at a depth of 60 feet to accommodate the subs, which can be as long as two football fields. This year, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock will dredge from Kings Bay, Georgia to the end of the Fernandina Harbor until March 30th. That means hidden treasures deep from the ocean bottom are washing up on those beaches.

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