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    Forbes Magazine has declare Jacksonville, FL as the #1 city in the nation as the Hottest Real Estate Markets To Watch In 2017

    Jacksonville, FL is situated on the banks of the St. Johns River and oft-considered part of southern Georgia given its proximity to its northern neighbor, Jacksonville, FL, has quite a bit going for it. Why is it so appealing?

    First, there are serious job opportunities. Jacksonville posted a 3.8% job growth rate in 2016, which makes it one of the healthiest markets for employment opportunities in the state. Second, there’s an increasing influx of people — which contributes to the area’s very high ratio of inbound home searches on Trulia by out-of-towners versus outbound searches by locals looking to leave. “There are so many people moving here and very little leaving,” explains Michael, an area real estate agent. “There’s long-term economic stability here plus great schools, fantastic weather, and proximity to the ocean.”

    Jacksonville is named after Andrew Jackson. He’s most famous as the seventh U.S. President, but he was also the first military governor of the Florida Territory. The city of Jacksonville consolidated its entire county in 1968, giving it its considerable size. Because of all the extra territory, it’s the most populous city in Florida and the biggest city by area in the continental U.S.

    52 things to know about Jacksonville.  Here is just one:

    Jacksonville is the city where “The Blues” was first, officially, performed. The word was used to describe a performance in LaVilla on April 16, 1910. Today the annual Springing the Blues festival in Jacksonville Beach is one of the longest-running and largest blues festivals in the country.

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